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Ask about adding more Whole Home Cloud DVR Storage Hours!

Interested in our VoIP Phone Services? Contact BroadStar for more details.

“The Favorites”
Bundle Package

  • 200+ HD/Digital Channels
  • 2 GIG Internet (2000 Mbps)
  • 1 Dual-Band Wireless Gateway
  • 1 TV Streaming Device
  • 1 Streaming App
  • Whole Home Cloud DVR
  • 3-Day Live TV Replay
  • Voice Activated Remote

price per month:


*BroadStar Fiber TV and Internet Services require a BroadStar issued Wireless Gateway. $10 Gateway rental fee not included in pricing above. $14.99 Broadcast Fee not included in pricing shown above. Applicable taxes apply. 24 month commitment required. Vacation mode restricted.

BroadStar Super Pod Wifi 6
BroadStar IPTV Amazon 4K Firestick

“The Favorites”
Bundle Package


  • 200+ HD/Digital Channels
  • 2 GIG Internet (2000 Mbps)
  • 1 Dual-Band Fiber Wireless Gateway
  • 1 TV Streaming Device
  • 1 Streaming App
  • Whole Home Cloud DVR
  • 3-Day Live TV Replay
  • Voice Activated Remote

price per month:


*BroadStar Fiber TV and Internet Services require a BroadStar issued Wireless Gateway. $10 Gateway rental fee not included in pricing above. $14.99 Broadcast Fee not included in pricing shown above. Applicable taxes apply. NO Contract Required.


Florida Fiber Internet Providers


  • 2000 Mbps (2GIG) Speed
  • Fast Residential Internet
  • Perfect for Online Gaming, Large Downloads, and Multiple Streaming Video Feeds

price per month:


*BroadStar Fiber TV and Internet Services require a BroadStar issued Wireless Gateway. $10 Gateway rental fee not included in pricing above.


BroadStar Florida Internet Provider Multigig Fiber to Home
Florida Fiber Internet Providers


  • 3000 Mbps (3GIG) Speed
  • Fastest Residential Internet
  • Perfect for Online Gaming, Large Downloads, and Multiple Streaming Video Feeds

price per month:


*BroadStar Fiber TV and Internet Services require a BroadStar issued Wireless Gateway. $10 Gateway rental fee not included in pricing above.


BroadStar Super Pod Wifi 6


  • WiFi-6 AX Standard Pod
  • Up to 2.5GB WiFi
  • Extra 1GB Hardline Port
  • AI-Driven Device Control

price per month:



BroadStar IPTV Amazon 4K Firestick


  • Additional Stream
  • 4K UHD Firestick Device
  • Firestick Voice Remote
  • Concurrent Stream Ability
  • Cloud DVR Access
  • On-Demand Access

price per month:



HBO BroadStar Florida TV

HBO Movie

  • HBO
  • HBO 2

price per month:


BroadStar Starz Movie Package

STARZ Movie Channels


price per month:


Broadstar Starz Encore Movie Channels Pack 11-20

STARZ/Encore Movie Channels


price per month:



Florida TV Provider 2021

Add 50 Hour
Cloud DVR Block

  • Additional 50 Hours
  • Multiple Blocks Available
  • 6 Month Recordings
  • Access Remotely

price per month:



BroadStar VoIP Phone Service Packages

Home Phone

      • VoIP Phone Service
      • Unlimited Calling
      • Great features

price per month:


*Requires ATA Device for VoIP Services. $5 cost per month included within $30 price point shown above.

BroadStar Protection Plan

BroadStar Protection Plan

  • Avoid unexpected services charges if technical issues related to BroadStar equipment or wiring are identified by BroadStar’s tech squad, rest assured it can be repaired at no charge.

price per month:


* All prices subject to change. VoIP Phone services require an active BroadStar Internet activation and a working home telephone. Internet speeds tested while using Wifi or mutiple devices may display slower speeds. Please contact a BroadStar Customer Service Representative with any questions or concerns.


What is the rate that the HOA is paying on our behalf?

This is a contractual item between BroadStar and your HOA, this question can only be answered by members of your current HOA Board.

Will our HOA fees increase?

Homeowners should receive information from the HOA concerning any change in fees.

May I opt out of one, or all, bulk services provided by BroadStar and avoid the HOA fee increase?

Unfortunately, if you prefer not to use the bulk service you will still experience the HOA fee increase.

Why do you need my email address?

BroadStar will provision equipment for each unit using the email address provided. Absent an email address we are unable to install service in your home.

We are contractually prohibited from using your email address for purposes other than BroadStar specific service notifications and account related communications.

We do not release your email address or telephone number to any external parties.

What internet service will we be getting?

Each unit will receive up to 2GB internet through a fiber gateway. This speed exceeds that of all providers presently servicing your area.

Is there a monthly charge for the internet, and if so, what is the amount?

2GB (2000 MBPS) internet is included in your HOA fees, so you will not receive a separate invoice from BroadStar unless you require Business Class speed upgrades, Premium Channel Packages, and/or additional BroadStar equipment.

Will the speed of up to 2GB be available to all of my devices?

Speed may be limited on older devices that cannot support up to 2GB. You may have older wireless cards in laptops, computers, and game consoles that can only receive up to 100Mpbs.

When performing a speed test on any device you should perform two independent tests. Using your internet browser please search “speed test” and select any pair of the most popular free internet speed measuring services. We typically use Speed Test by Ookla or

A hardwired ethernet connection should always be used to run speed tests. This will give the most accurate result of how fast your connection can be.

Will the number of devices slow down my connection speed?

You should not experience any decrease in performance.

Is there a data limit, or slow down for high use residents?

You will not have a data limit, nor do we throttle services.

What TV service will we be getting?

Your HOA has selected America’s Favorites as the bulk service, which includes over 200 IP video and music channels. IPTV is video service delivered over fiber optic connections producing the
highest picture and sound quality possible.

Additionally, advanced features such as DVR, On-Demand, and 2 Day replay ability are included:

  • You will have 50 hours of Cloud DVR storage
  • On-Demand access to all shows in The Favorites content library
  • 3-Day Live TV Replay

Upgrade options will be available for those interested in subscribing to additional premium programming options including additional DVR recording time and channels not in the bulk line-up. The final lineup and upgrades are still pending.

How will “we” learn how to use the new video service?

We know change can be a bit scary to some and we will do everything to assist with the transition. Our team will be onsite with products and a demo lab. Our technicians will assist you when placing the devices in your home. We also have US based call centers ready for your calls.

I am a seasonal resident, will I need to suspend my service when I am away?

BroadStar offers both a 2 Year Agreement and a Month to Month package for services at your community. Residents who would like to shut down services when vacating their home for extended periods are encouraged to use our Month to Month plan. Please be aware that re-activation of Month to Month services will incur a $69.99 Activation Fee each time.

What equipment is being placed into my home?

A Media Converter will be installed within your utility closet, a CAT6e Wall Plate will be installed at an approved wall location, and an Access Point (POD) will be installed inside your unit. These three items work in tandem to provide both your internet and video services.

Each resident will receive 1 BroadStar Approved Streaming Device (Amazon 4K FireStick).

I already have a Fire TV Stick, may I use that instead of a BroadStar Fire TV Stick?

You are not able to use your existing Fire TV Stick to access BroadStar IP video. Our devices are “flashed” (provisioned) before placement in your home to allow you access to our fiber network and services.

I have a ROKU device, may I use that in place of the Fire TV Stick?

BroadStar service is not available with ROKU devices. You may continue to use your ROKU device as you do today, but will need a BroadStar Approved Streaming Device to access BroadStar Television service.

I have more than 2 televisions, what are my upgrade options?

BroadStar will have additional TV Streaming Devices available for residents at an additional monthly charge, including the Amazon 4K Firestick and Amazon Fire TV Cube. (pricing pending)

My current remote control can be controlled by my voice, will my new remote be a voice remote?

The remote for the set top box and most streaming devices are voice controlled, but will need a Google (free) or Amazon (also free) account to activate them.

What video features are available?

Your HOA provides 50 hours of Whole Home Cloud DVR recording space. You are able to share the stored library between the devices in your home. You can record in one room and watch the program in another.

Can I increase the DVR Recording Space?

You may add additional space as an upgrade for $5.00/mo.

What is the 3-Day Replay feature?

When on the channel guide you can “Replay” in time and watch programs that have aired in the previous 72 hours. If you missed the beginning of a show you can restart from the beginning. If you missed a show yesterday, you can locate it by using the back arrow and watch it from the beginning.

The 3-Day Replay feature does NOT use any of your included 50 hours of DVR recording time.

Do we have On-Demand access?

YES! You have access to programming for any channel in your package.

Why don’t I see BroadStar as a listed provider when downloading TV apps?

Some smart TV applications ask for you to choose your provider when downloading. BroadStar is not currently listed as a provider in these spaces, and is in the process of registering to be. BroadStar may be available to choose as a listed service provider in Q1 of 2022.

Why may video service be delayed?

Product shortages due to Covid-19 has limited availability of components needed to deliver video to the property. We are monitoring production and shipment schedules to determine when we will have the necessary control equipment.

How do we sign up for installation?

We have been provided a list of units that your property management believes are currently occupied.

BroadStar representatives have been calling individuals on the list to schedule their installation. We will complete installation of internet to occupied units as quickly as possible. Those who are absent will be addressed as they return to the property.

Representatives may be contacted by calling your property specific call center representatives at the phone number listed at the top of this page.

When should I disconnect my current service?

We recommend that you discontinue your existing service the day after we complete your installation. If you are in a term contract with your current provider we may be able to assist with having Early Termination charges waived. We regularly work with Comcast and AT&T on this matter.

Please advise the carrier that your HOA has entered into an exclusive contract with BroadStar which prohibits other providers from operating in the community.

If you receive a final invoice with a termination fee please call them and advise you are in dispute of the charge. Please forward a copy of your invoice with the termination fee highlighted to

Must I use BroadStar for service?

Your HOA has entered into an exclusive contract allowing BroadStar to be the only provider of video and internet to your community. On the day that we launch both internet and video service to the community we will contact AT&T and Comcast/Xfinity and alert them of the exclusivity agreement.

They honor our agreement and will send a 30-day notice of termination to you.

Please note that we do not request exclusivity on telephone service. Our telephone service is VoIP and will not function if there is an electrical outage, or the internet is not working. We encourage anyone with a life safety issue to remain on a traditional landline with the incumbent service provider in the area.