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BroadStar Communications Privacy Policy

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The Federal Cable Communications Policy Act of 1984 and the Cable Television Consumer Act of 1992 contain certain provisions regarding the collection and disclosure of personally identifiable information by cable television operators.

The following sets forth our Privacy Policy statement for cable television service and describes our collection, use, disclosure and retention of information about our customers, how our customers may review and correct errors to their information, and the enforcement of customer rights regarding personal information.

Monitoring the Internet Services and Privacy

BroadStar is concerned with issues of privacy, and treats private communications on and through its network as confidential. BroadStar has no obligation to monitor Internet content. However, Grantor understands and agrees that BroadStar has the right to monitor such content from time to time; and to access, and/or disclose the contents of private communications in accordance with its Privacy Policy and with applicable law. In addition, and as a condition to any obligation of BroadStar to provide or continue to provide the Internet Service to Grantor and Resident users, each user must agree when requested in writing by BroadStar that BroadStar has the right to monitor such content from time to time; and to access, and/or disclose the contents of private communications in accordance with its Privacy Policy and with applicable law.

Collection of Subscriber Information

BroadStar Communications (“BroadStar,” “we,” or “us”) uses a cable system to collect personally identifiable information about subscribers, as necessary, in order to render the services and service features, to detect unauthorized reception or use of the services, and as disclosed in this Privacy Policy. In order to provide reliable, high-quality service to our customers, BroadStar keeps regular business records containing information such as names, addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers, driver’s license numbers, social security numbers, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, credit histories and other information.

We collect and maintain information about customer accounts such as billing, payment and deposit history, maintenance and complaint information, records indicating the number of television sets connected to the cable system and the service options the customer has chosen. In addition, BroadStar may combine personally identifiable information, collected as a part of regular business records, with personally identifiable information obtained from third parties for the purpose of creating an enhanced database to use in marketing efforts and other activities.

BroadStar maintains records of research efforts concerning subscriber satisfaction and viewing habits, obtained from subscriber interviews and questionnaires.

BroadStar uses this information to:

  • install, operate and maintain the services;
  • confirm customer is receiving the level(s) of service requested and is being properly billed;
  • inform customer when changes are made to an account;
  • inform customer of new products or services that may be of interest;
  • detect unauthorized reception of the services;
  • determine whether applicable policies and terms of service are being violated;
  • configure cable service-related devices;
  • comply with applicable law; and/or as otherwise necessary to provide the services.

Disclosure of Information

BroadStar also uses and discloses personally identifiable information for other legitimate business activities related to the service including, such as:

  • billing and collections
  • administration
  • surveys
  • marketing
  • maintenance
  • fraud prevention

In addition, BroadStar sometimes discloses personally identifiable information about our customers to our affiliates or to others (such as employees, contractors, and/or agents for internal business purposes) as well as outside auditors, professional advisors, service providers, potential business transition partners, regulators and franchise authorities with or without your written consent if necessary to render the service or to conduct a legitimate business activity related to the service.

BroadStar may disclose your name and address to third parties (for example, on a mailing list), but you may prohibit or limit this kind of disclosure by contacting BroadStar by telephone at 561-472-5022.

In no case will the disclosure of name and address in this manner reveal, directly or indirectly, the extent of any viewing or other use by customer of the service or the nature of any transaction made over our cable system. The frequency of any information disclosure varies in accordance with BroadStar’s business needs and activities.

Although we make every reasonable effort to preserve your privacy as described in this Privacy Policy, we will disclose personally identifiable information about you, without consent, when required by law, in order to comply with a valid legal process such as a subpoena, court order, or search warrant. BroadStar may also use or disclose personally identifiable information about our customers without consent to protect customers, employees, or property, in emergency situations, to enforce our rights in court or elsewhere, or directly with customers, and for violations of the service’s terms and conditions and policies.

BroadStar reserves the right to include information about our customers in collective or aggregate formats, such as ratings surveys and other statistical reports, which do not personally identify customers, customers’ viewing habits, and/or the nature of any transaction made over the cable system.

In the event BroadStar engages a business transition, such as a merger, acquisition, or sale of all assets or a portion thereof, customers’ personally identifiable information will, in most instances, be part of the assets transferred. If, as a result of the business transition, this Privacy Policy will be changed, you should refer to the Notices and Changes to Privacy Policy section. Aggregate information may also be transferred in connection with a business transition.


BroadStar takes reasonable security precautions to protect personally identifiable information collected on the services through unauthorized access, use, and disclosure.

For example, BroadStar stores billing records on computers in a controlled and secure environment. However, we cannot guarantee that security precautions will prevent every unauthorized attempt to access, use, or disclose customers’ personally identifiable information.

Mailing Lists

From time to time BroadStar may disclose customer names and addresses for mailing lists in connection with the promotion of BroadStar’s products and services and other legitimate business activities. If you wish to remove your name from such lists or limit the use of your name and address at any time, please contact us in writing to the attention of Customer Service, BroadStar Communications, 3965 Investment Lane, STE A5, West Palm Beach, FL 33404 or by telephone at 561-472-5022.

Please remember to include your name and address, your account number, and a daytime telephone number where you can be reached in the event we have any questions about your request. The written request should be signed by the person who is identified in our billing records as the subscriber. If you have a joint account, a request by one party will apply to the entire account. If you have multiple accounts your notice must identify each account covered by the request.

Retention of Information

BroadStar will maintain most, if not all, of the personally identifiable information we have collected during the time a customer is a subscriber. BroadStar will make a reasonable attempt to destroy the information after a period of time following the termination of a customer account, if the purpose for which the information collected has been accomplished and we no longer have a need to retain the information for compliance with applicable law, taxation, or other legitimate business activities.

Right to Review and Correct Information

You may examine and make copies of (at your own cost) any information created relating to your account at BroadStar’s office upon reasonable notice and during regular business hours. If you wish to inspect those records, please contact us by mail or telephone at 561-472-5022. Please give BroadStar a reasonable amount of time to locate and, if necessary, prepare the information for review and arrange an appointment during regular business hours. Only records that contain information about your account, and no one else, will be permitted to be examined.

BroadStar will correct records if you make a reasonable showing that any of the information is inaccurate.


You may enforce the limitations imposed on BroadStar by federal and state law with respect to the collection and disclosure of personally identifiable subscriber information through a civil action under federal law, in addition to other rights and remedies that may be available under federal or other applicable state laws.

Right to Terminate

BroadStar may terminate the Internet Service to Grantor and to any or all Units immediately without notice in order to prevent a breach of network security. Grantor expressly warrants that Grantor has read and agrees to be bound by BroadStar’s Acceptable Use Policy.

As a condition to any obligation of BroadStar to provide or continue to provide the Internet Service to users at the Property, each user must when requested in writing by e-mail by BroadStar to user (i) acknowledge that he or she has read and (ii) agrees to be bound by Operator’s Acceptable Use Policy, which can be found on BroadStar’s website at

BroadStar will inform the users that the Acceptable Use Policy may be updated or modified from time to time by BroadStar, with or without notice to the users. Any such update or modification to the Acceptable Use Policy shall be posted to the above listed website. The users should consult the Acceptable Use Policy on a regular basis to ensure compliance. BroadStar may suspend the Internet Service to the property or to any individual user at the property immediately for violation of BroadStar’s Acceptable Use Policy.

Customer Shut-Off

BroadStar will provide notification upon request to the Resident who had his or her Service disabled, and the reason(s) for BroadStar shutting off the services in question to their individual account.

HOA Boards may request that BroadStar disconnect and suspend Bulk Services to up to ten (10) Units on the Property at any one time for Units for which the property has provided to BroadStar reasonable documentation that each Unit is in foreclosure or delinquent on payment of assessments to their organization; such disconnection and suspension will be without liability to BroadStar and without reduction in the Bulk Fee for a disconnected Unit during the period of disconnection and suspension.

Disconnection is at no charge to the property. Bulk Service will resume for a suspended Unit at such time as their HOA Board notifies BroadStar that suspended services may be reconnected.

Notices and Changes to Privacy Policy

As required by federal law, we will notify our customers of our Privacy Policy annually. We reserve the right to modify this policy at any time. We will notify customers of any material changes via written mail, electronic mail, or other means permitted by law. If the changes are found to be unacceptable, a customer has the right to cancel service.

Continuing to use the service following notice of modification will be considered by BroadStar to be your acceptance of changes.