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BroadStar Protection Plan

BroadStar Protection PlanBroadstar Protection Plan (BSPP) Avoid Unexpected Service Charges

If technical issues related to BroadStar equipment or wiring are identified by BroadStar’s Tech Squad, rest assured it can be repaired at no charge. The BroadStar Protection Plan (BSPP) is a small monthly maintenance charge that protects you from unexpected Service Call Fees. Instead of receiving a high bill for having a BroadStar Technician visit your home to complete the maintenance and/or repairs listed below, your charges will remain constant. Please read this entire document for more information on what services and repairs ae included within the BroadStar Protection Plan.

What if issues stem from YOUR personal equipment or wiring?

Service calls and work unrelated to BroadStar’s wiring or services can set you back at least $40 per hour for labor plus the cost of parts!

Total Home Protection

BroadStar Service Protection Plan keeps you covered with total home protection. For just $5 per month, enjoy peace of mind that BroadStar’s professional Tech Squad is on-call to resolve issues you may encounter that prevent you from enjoying your BroadStar services.

BroadStar Service Protection Plan includes:

  • Repairs to Internal Wiring including cables and wiring running to your home, within your home and from wall plates to equipment.
  • Parts such as replacement fittings, splitters, splices, jacks, amplifiers (covers labor charges only) and cables regardless of initial installer or manufacturer.
  • Equipment Troubleshooting including issues caused by faulty TVs, VCRs, DVD players, computers, routers and other devices. BroadStar does not have complete working knowledge of all devices nor guarantee of resolution.
  • Customer Support providing in-home demos on using remote controls, digital set-top boxes, choosing TV inputs and other BroadStar-supplied devices.

Plan Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions may be modified at the sole discretion of BroadStar. To take advantage of BroadStar Service Protection Plan, your account must be current (with no delinquent or outstanding balance) at the time service or repair work is requested or performed.

The BroadStar Service Protection Plan is optional and may be cancelled at any time. There will be a 4 month waiting period to reactivate your BSPP if you previously cancelled. If you cancel your BSPP coverage, there will be a termination fee equal to any in-home repairs provided during the previous 4 month period. BroadStar Service Protection Plan is available to residential accounts only and is not valid on commercial accounts.

BroadStar shall not be responsible for the operation, maintenance, programming or repairs of subscriber-owned equipment. Occasionally, BroadStar technicians may be unfamiliar with subscriber-owned equipment (such as big-screen televisions or universal remote controls) and may require you to contact the vendor or manufacturer for additional operating instructions.

Not Covered with BSPP

Pre-existing problems, disconnections or reconnections due to nonpayment or Vacation Mode, initial installation charges, cosmetic changes and relocation of equipment or residency are not covered by BSPP.

Cables or wiring that do not carry BroadStar services are not covered. Inaccessible wiring is not covered, however, BroadStar will attempt to re-run cables externally to resolve service issues. Installation of internal wiring is not covered. However, it can be done at your request and is subject to additional parts and labor charges.

Repairs on customer-owned equipment such as TVs, VCRs, DVD players, surround-sound systems, computers (including spyware, adware, viruses, etc.) and telephones are not covered. However, BroadStar’s Tech Squad may perform routine adjustments to equipment in order to attempt to resolve any issues related to BroadStar services.
Physical damage to BroadStar equipment (home terminals, remote controls, set-top boxes, modems, etc.)  is not covered with BSPP and may require an additional fee to repair or replace.