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Stephen Fleischer

Stephen Fleischer

Contract Manager | BroadStar Communications

After graduating from Law School in 2006, Stephen spent the first 3 years performing as a Contract Manager for various institutions that were part of the discovery phase of litigation. This involved reviewing emails, communications and agreements for information and details pertaining to matters under dispute. Furthermore, Stephen spent an additional 3 years reviewing agreements and contracts between hospitals and insurance companies in order to create appeals to overturned wrongfully denied claims.

Since joining us, Stephen has reviewed and manages our Client and vendor contracts, as well as our Right of Entries for Services.  His team has been key in resolving and negotiating extended terms for our services on existing and new accounts going forward.  

In addition to his legal experience, Stephen served 8 years as an Operations Manager at an IT Managed Services company.  His operations experience has provided him a well rounded base for working internal and externally with both vendors and customers in purchasing and managing inventory, and circuit installations.