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Give The Gift of Fiber Internet

Power Your SMART Gifts with Fiber Internet Speeds

Fiber Internet is the core of every wifi enabled gift this holiday season. BroadStar offers properties up to 500 mbps – 1 Gig data speeds with incredible bandwidth to support all of your smart devices. Deliver the internet speeds your residents need to enjoy all of their new Smart TVs, Desktop Computers, Laptops, Smart Phones, Alexa Devices, Home Cameras, Smart Lights, Smart Thermostats, and more by choosing BroadStar’s lightning speed fiber Internet.

Smart Home Devices

Many of the problems homes experience with their cable TV and/or high-speed internet services can be traced back to old coax cabling. After years of exposure to weather and the elements, coax cable can become unstable and damaged. This causes issues including intermittent signal loss, slow internet speeds, and more.

BroadStar Fiber Internet replaces these old cables with brand new top-of-the-line fiber-optic networking, restoring the dependability your residents expect from their internet. Fiber gives your property faster data with far more reliability. Our network solves weather-related satellite TV problems, is resistant to lightning strikes, and makes every home wifi enabled. Get rid of the unisghtly coax cables poking out of your walls, and upgrade to the power of BroadStar Fiber-Optics!

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