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Anthony Salamoni BroadStar

Anthony Salamoni

Chief Information Officer of BroadStar Communications

Anthony Salamoni is the Chief Information Officer with BroadStar. Anthony is a solutions-oriented IT executive with 30 years experience in IT Management, Project Management, Sales Support and Customer Service Support. He has displayed notable success directing a broad range of Broadband IT initiatives while participating in both the planning and implementation of IT solutions in direct support of business objectives.

The following are some of Anthony’s current and past Initiatives:

  • Design and implementation of BroadStar’s new Data Center at Miami Data Vault (2021)
  • Manage NOC Operations
  • Redesign of Metro-E and ATM network to provide Greater Efficiencies,
  • Consolidate Network Facilities, Maximize QOS, Lower COGS and Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Design and implementation of Data Center infrastructure in the Nap of the Americas in Miami. (2004)
  • Migrate off several CLEC’s to provide maximum efficiencies resulting in higher ROI’s and greater profits.
  • Implementation of Authentication and QOS platform for CMTS properties.
  • Implementation of OSS and support of Customer Service platforms.
  • Design and implementation of a Cisco Network for properties.
  • Project Management and Design of Structured Wiring Systems and Backbones for High Rise, Garden Style and Single Family homes.
  • Support Sales Staff as needed to gain insight into feasibility of Projects.
  • Support Customer Service initiatives including Call Routing, CSA Support and other items as needed.
  • Design and Successful Implementation of a MetaSwitch Soft Switch.
  • Support and Monitor Network Elements.
  • Design and install a Power Line Broadband distribution system for an 80 year old 12 story building in downtown Miami.
  • Project management
  • Master Electrician
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Structured Wiring designs
  • Project Management
  • Sales Engineering Support
  • Strategy Planning