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When is the French Open in 2021?

When is the French Open in 2021?

The French Open has been postponed one week in 2021 and set to begin on May 30th, after France entered its third lockdown due to the global pandemic caused by COVID-19. Officials agreed to postpone the event in hopes that the delay will increase the chances that the tournament is “played in front of the largest possible number of fans”. The French Open was postponed until late September in 2020, and attendance was severely limited for the clay-court grand slam event. Similar restrictions are expected in early rounds this year, with a set attendance cap of 35% until the quarter-finals get underway on June 9th, when attendance will be increased to 65% of capacity on the 3 main courts with 5000 fans expected in the stands.

Men’s singles champion Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal the so-called “King of Clay”, prevailed over Novak Djokovic from Serbia last year, will return in an attempt at an unprecedented 14 French Open titles. Polish Tennis Player Iga Świątek will return to defend the Women’s singles title in 2021, after defeating Sofia Kenin to win her first grand slam at the French Open. The return of Swiss Tennis player Roger Federer, who has been recovering from arthroscopic surgery to his right knee, and expectations of returning champion Ashleigh Barty are also driving interest in this year’s tournament. The 120th French Open will introduce night sessions for the first time in 2021, with the addition of a new roof and floodlights on its main court — tune into NBC, NBCSN, and the Tennis Channel for complete TV coverage.

French Open Tennis 2021
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2021 French Open Schedule

DATE               SESSION           START TIME              ROUND

May 30                Day                   11:00 AM               1st Round

May 31                Day                   11:00 AM               1st Round

                           Evening               9:00 PM                1st Round

June 1                 Day                   11:00 AM               1st Round

                           Evening               9:00 PM                1st Round

June 2                  Day                  11:00 AM             2nd Round

                           Evening               9:00 PM               2nd Round

June 3                  Day                  11:00 AM              2nd Round

                            Evening               9:00 PM              2nd Round

June 4                  Day                  11:00 AM              3rd Round

                            Evening              9:00 PM               3rd Round

June 5                  Day                  11:00 AM              3rd Round

                            Evening              9:00 PM               3rd Round

DATE            SESSION          START TIME                      ROUND

June 6              Day                11:00 AM                      4th Round

                        Evening             9:00 PM                      4th Round

June 7              Day                11:00 AM                     4th Round

                        Evening             9:00 PM                      4th Round

June 8              Day                12:00 PM                  Quarterfinals

                       Evening             5:00 PM                   Quarterfinals

June 9              Day                12:00 PM                  Quarterfinals

                        Evening             9:00 PM                  Quarterfinals

June 10            Day                 2:00 PM                      Semifinals

June 11            Day                 3:00 PM                      Semifinals

June 12           Day                  3:00 PM   Women’s Singles Final,

                                                                         Men’s Doubles Final

June 13           Day                 3:00 PM          Men’s Singles Final