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Donna Legner

Donna Legner

Director of Property Relations | BroadStar Communications

Donna holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree with Honors from Centenary College and an Associates Degree from Hartford College for Women with continued education experiences abroad in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  Her educational career includes such achievements as a Homeschool teacher for Bethel Christian Academy and Director of Christian Education for First United Methodist Church in Jupiter Florida.  

As a further accomplishment, from 2006 – 2009, Donna was the Founding Member and Operator of Grace Homeschool Connections, Grace Immanuel Bible Church.  As part of the initial formation, she assisted to develop an inclusive program whilst collaborating with Church, Parents and Staff to ensure delivery of a high quality curriculum for students ages 5 – 18.  Her results surmounted a program consisting of 120 students and 18 instructors providing courses covering upwards of 30 classes.  After vetting an amazing Board of Directors, the Grace Homeschool Program is still operating today. 

So impressed with Donna’s accomplishments, dedication and commitments, Donna joined as operational counsel and Executive Assistant providing exceptional leadership support. Her duties quickly evolved to include account onboarding and customer retention liaison.  

As the Director of Property Relations, Donna and her team are the primary interface between BroadStar and Property Management and HOA board members in the BroadStar property portfolio.  Open communication combined with excellent service is her primary goal, which results in great references for the BroadStar Sales team as well as happy customers at each property.  Donna also works closely with the BroadStar Marketing Department in developing and implementing property-specific promotions, projects, and programs for current and future residents.  During her free time, Donna enjoys spending time with her four grandchildren and gardening.