Vacation Mode Policy

Effective January 2012 for The Bluffs and Huntington Lakes residents

Each BroadStar service is eligible for the BroadStar Vacation Mode.  Phone, High-Speed Internet, and/or Cable services can be put on Vacation Mode while you are away for 3-9 consecutive months.

Qualifications for Vacation Mode

  • Account must be up to date and in good standing (no balance)
  • Auto payment with a current credit card is required
  • 1 Vacation Mode request is allowed per 12 month period
  • 3 Month minimum and 9 Month maximum
    • If, after 9 months, service is not restored from Vacation Mode, equipment will be billed at the regular price and will not be prorated

Vacation Mode Fees:

  • Annual Vacation Mode fee is $25.00
  • Monthly fees:
    • Analog services: No monthly fee
    • Internet services: No monthly fee
    • Internet equipment: No monthly fee
    • Digital services: No monthly fee
    • Digital equipment: $5 per set-top box per month
    • Phone services: 50% of monthly bill, including taxes, etc which is necessary to retain current phone number.

Exception: if you only subscribe to the BroadStar services that are included in your HOA's bulk agreement and maintain no other services or boxes with BroadStar, there is no annual Vacation Mode fee applied to place the free 211 set-top box on Vacation Mode. However, if you have other services and/or digital equipment (in addition to the free set-top box), the annual Vacation Mode fee and the equipment fee(s) are applied accordingly.

Turning off Vacation Mode

Restore services by contacting Customer Service at 800-943-3381. Confirm the date to have service(s) restored. Please allow 3 to 5 business days to process reconnection requests. There is no charge for restoring BroadStar services.

Disconnection vs. Vacation Mode

Please understand the difference between Disconnection and Vacation Mode. Vacation Mode allows you to pause your services and place your account on hold for 3-9 months and restored upon return. Disconnection occurs when you terminate service(s) without the intention of returning to the residence.

  • If you return to the residence and Reconnect service(s) within 12 months of the disconnection, you will be subject to a Reconnection Fee of $50 for each service reconnected. Example: all three services (digital cable, internet and phone) would total a Reconnection Fee of $150.
  • You will also be subject to pay an Activation/Installation Fee for each piece of equipment ordered: $50 per set-top box and/or per modem.

To request cancellation or Vacation Mode, please click here.

Prices do not include taxes and applicable fees. Pricing and policy subject to change and may vary by location. Please contact Customer Service or meet with one of our representatives for additional information.